Lucca, The city of the 100 churches, is only 5 Km from la Corte della Rusticuccia, and is one of the most characteristic Italian cities. It's completely intact medieval walls can be visited for a pleasant walk or bike ride to view the city held with in.
The historic centre has maintained its face as it was in the days of Elisa Baciocchi Bonaparte. It’s exquisite Piazzas and Palazzos, from Piazza del Mercato (old roman amphitheatre), Piazza San Michele and Piazza del Duomo, are a must for anyone who comes to Lucca.
In the hills surrounding Lucca one can admire the beautiful villas of the old local aristocracy, such as la Reggia di Marlia, Villa Mansi, Villa Grabau and Villa Torrigiani, typical examples of renaissance architecture, with their extremely well kept parks.

Pisa, One of the historic Italian Marine Republics, along with Venice, Amalfi and Genoa, is only a 20 minute drive through the hills surrounding Pisa. One cannot forget to mention The Piazza dei Miracoli, and the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa.

Other Attractions

For the Cultural Lover:

All these locations can be visited on daytrips. Firenze (70 Km.), Pietrasanta (about 40 Km), San Geminiano (80 Km.), Volterra (90 Km), and the Cave d i marmo di Carrara (The Marble Caves in Carrara, about 70 Km.).

For the Exercise Fanatic:

The possibility to go horse riding in the Tenuta di San Rossore, old hunting grounds of the Kings of Italy. If not one can always go for long walks in the forest behind La Corte della Rusticuccia or go trecking or mountain biking in the beautiful Alpi Apuane.

One can also play Golf on any one of the 5 courses available in the radius of 50 Km.
But if none of that is to your liking you can always go to the the sandy white beaches of the Versilian coastline which is just a 20 minute drive away.
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